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Data Centres

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 Data Centres
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State of the art Data Centres

Our state of the art data centres enable RTW Hosting complete flexibility to scale and deploy solutions instantaneously.

Naturally RTW a fully reprocated platform from diverse locations 189 miles apart from eachother. The primary data centre is Tier 4 and the secondary is Tier 3.

The following is a brief overview of the data centre infrastructures:


  • Full electronic access control system, based on:

    • Proximity cards, PIN keypads and Biometric
    • Palm-scanners for collocation rooms

  • Building Monitoring System (BMS)

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) monitoring and recording of all access points and circulation areas

  • 24x7 local monitoring and logging of environment alarms and conditions

  • Critical alarm repeating to London and Denver

  • Full perimeter under-floor leak detection linked to building monitoring system

Mains Power

  • Maximum site power: 20 MVA

  • Dual-redundant 20MVA, 33kV dedicated underground mains feeds, 4x 11kV
    supplies from ring supplied from two substations

  • Three (five ultimate) x 3.8MVA 11kV diesel-driven emergency power generators. Automatic start in less than one minute to feed 100% of the facility

  • Fuel storage for 96 hours of continuous operation at 100% load


  • Three separate systems of five x 625kVA Hybrid Rotary UPS modules providing 2500kVA output each with N+1 redundancy

  • Total facility UPS capacity: 7500kVA N+1

  • 15-minute battery autonomy per UPS module

  • Dual-redundant A and B distribution possible


We have the following carriers in our data centre but can also cross connect to a host of others:

  • Level 3
  • Colt
  • BT
  • C&W 
  • Interoute
  • 51 Degrees
  • Thus
  • Fibrenet
  • Energis
  • Tiscali/Nets


  • Cooling criteria: 750W/m2, 21 degrees C+/- 2 degrees C, 50%RH +/- 10%

  • Under floor cooling air distribution

  • N+1 perimeter down-flow chiller water cooling units

  • 13x1100kWr air-cooled package chillers giving 12,100kWr with N+2 redundancy

Fire Strategy

  • Very Intelligent Early Warning (V.I.E.W.) detection - above and below raised floor

  • Smoke extract system at 12 air changes per hour

  • Double-interlocked pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system
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