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Disaster Recovery

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Avoid Disasters

We take great pride in the level of resilience deployed throughout our infrastructure and are confident that there is not a single point of failure anywhere on the platform. Further more, we actively simulate disasters every six months to ensure this is still the case and provide peace of mind to our customers, partners and ourselves. RTW Hosting is not aware of any other company in the market place able to make this claim.

Notable software and hardware partners include Cisco, HP, Fortinet, NetApp, Microsoft, VMWare, Neverfail and Sophos.

Continue Running Your Business

Storage Designed for Redundancy and Security

Your digital files and content are your company’s assets. We have employed a variety of methods to help ensure that your content library is safe, secure and redundantly stored, so you can rest assured that your assets will be ready for delivery when you need them.

Simplicity and Cost Efficiency

With their ever-changing hardware, systems and administration, the storage and maintenance of content libraries can be costly and technically challenging.

Our Origin Storage service enables you to focus on creating and monetizing content, rather than storing it – all in one affordable and comprehensive offering.

Global Coverage that Drives Content Monetization

When you utilize our Origin Storage service, your content is automatically copied and stored in multiple locations.

By combining multiple, geographically diverse locations and redundant connectivity to our industry-leading CDN, we help reduce costly “hops” around the network to deliver and monetize your content while decreasing or completely eliminating “hits” to your own origin storage.

High Availability


When organisations choose hosting, they generally do it for business reasons, reduce cost and improve efficiencies, however, in today’s market technical advantage is also reasons why more and more companies are going down the hosted route.


They are looking for high available systems that would normally be out of the reach of most companies.


The “ Road To Work®” platform was designed from the ground up with High Availability in mind.

Some of the potential causes of system downtime which our platform WILL protect against include:

  • Hard disk subsystem failure

  • Power failure

  • Systems software failure

  • Accidental or malicious use of deletion or modification commands

  • Destructive viruses

  • Natural disasters

  • Site failure

  • Theft or sabotage
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