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Fully Integrated Hosted Business Services

Integrated Hosted Solutions are the future of the IT industry, no longer do you want disparate systems not capable of collaborating, no longer do you want island of information across your company, no longer do you want IT to be a challenge; you want it to be an enabler.

With the “Road To Work®” platform and an integrated hosted solution from RTW Hosting you no longer have these challenges.


You will seamlessly be able to share information across our environment, whether that is voice, mail and mobility, or your existing on-premise servers and hosted desktop. With RTW Hosting you will have a complete integrated hosted solution.

Achieve a fully integrated working environment with:

  • Integrated MS Office and Hosted Voice

  • Integrated Hosted Voice and Hosted Email

  • Integrated Hosted Voice with Blackberry

  • Integrated MS Office and Exchange

  • Integrated Hosted Voice with on premise servers

  • Integrated Desktop and 3rd Party applications
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