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On Site Training Course

RTW Hosting's on site training course is based at your offices and instructor led with hands-on exercises to provide candidates with best practice knowledge for using the RTW Hosting product set. This enables rapid user acceptance of the platform and leads to far better productivity of the users.

Training can be on a one to one basis ensuring users benefit from a close level of personal attention, resulting in them being well equipped to realize maximum value from their organizations RTW Hosting investment.

Candidates will learn how to:

  • Log on and log off to the Road To Work® platfrorm

  • General user awareness including do’s and don’ts

  • Advice and guidance on internet access

  • Advice and guidance on the use of large and graphic intensive files

  • How to open a file locally through the Group Drive folder.

  • Train on use of locally installed Outlook.  Explain its use (sending files to email,  printing large PDFs etc)

  • Show the users how to customise the layout of Outlook.

  • Advice and guidance on printing including functions they need to know such as Duplex.

  • Add email addresses / domains to the anti spam blacklist

  • Release emails from the quarantine

  • Retrieve emails from the archive

  • Send and receive faxes 
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