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RTW Hosted Desktop Solution

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Reduce your IT costs by half with our Hosted Desktop solution.



Hosting your Microsoft desktop applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as creating a secure and resilient file system should not be the only reason you choose to host your desktops.

You need these applications to integrate fully with your mail and mobility systems, your voice systems as well as other 3rd Party applications. That is why all RTW Hosted Desktops can be integrated with RTW Voice, Mail and Mobility and other applications to not only provide a platform for growth, but a platform that you truly can run your business on.

With the RTW Integrated Hosted Desktop you can reduce your IT costs by half, and there’s no need to pay for expensive servers and maintenance. We provide you with a fixed monthly cost for all your applications and data storage which can be accessed via any computer over the cloud.


  • empower sales teams on the move
  • streamline communications & file-sharing
  • multiple-level security
  • full disaster recovery included as standard
  • bolt-on BlackBerry mobile devices cost-effectively
  • minimal or no IT support contract required
  • no need for new, expensive hardware or servers
  • never have to purchase any licenses again (Windows & Exchange CALs, MS Office etc)

With our secure, enterprise-class IT platform, you get a complete remote hosted desktop that allows you and your staff to login to your desktop from any location in the world, with full security.

Our hosted desktop systems are powered by Terminal Services and VMware technology. Terminal Services is Microsoft based technology and is very suited to smaller organisations due to the much lower pricing, whereas VMware is suited to larger organisations and corporate companies. We are the only company that offers both Terminal Services and VMware solutions, giving customers more choice.

Hosted Desktop users have access to all applications they would expect in their day to day work as well as any applications from the “Application Pool” on demand, simply logon to the platform and away you Go

Microsoft Office Professional is provided to users as standard, so with the click of a button you can work on spreadsheets, databases, proposals and so on.

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