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Basic hosted user license:

The RTW Hosted VoIP provides high-performance phone functions including call handling, call connection, call authorisation, all call switching processes, ad hoc conferencing for 3 or more parties, rules-based call routing, and the management of group calls. Also includes support for RTW Hosting and 3rd party SIP phones and the RTW Hosting soft-phone that integrates the phone with the PC world, providing critical telephony functions such as dial, redial, call forwarding, transfer, hold and conference as well as online company and personal phone books in an innovative and easy to use graphical interface. Integration with Microsoft Outlook provides each RTW Hosting user with a contact data 'pop-up' on incoming calls as well as the ability to 'dial from contacts'.

Each user will have the following primary functions:

  1. Voice Mail per user
  2. Voice Recording for specific users as well as all users
  3. Defined and customisable hunt groups with intelligent call system
  4. Group pickup
  5. Each user will have a DDI
  6. Full management reporting
  7. Network Fax system
  8. Voice over’s for the system – Customer recorded
  9. Number presence from a central site

Voice Mail per User

RTW Hosting VoIP provides each user with the equivalent of a easily accessible personal answering machine. Office based employees can easily see by glancing at their phone if they have a message waiting for them and can listen to their voicemails simply by clicking a phone button. In addition to accessing voicemails through the desk phone, users can see the message waiting indicator on the softphone client on their PC or laptop and can listen to their voicemails through the PC/laptop soundcard. Mobile employees who spend a lot of time travelling can easily pick up voicemails by dialling into their voicemail system or logging on.

All mail servers are supported, users can see a list of their voicemails in their inbox being able to forward, copy or archive them like normal emails. This enables users to choose the order in which they listen and respond to voicemails. When a user is faced with multiple voicemails, the ability to quickly address the most important can have a significant impact on the business.

Key benefits of Voicemail:

  1. Due to the extensive Voicemail features important messages will never be mislaid, misspelled or misinterpreted
  2. Mobile and home-based employees can be more responsive by being able to retrieve their voicemails by email as well
  3. Callers leaving a voicemail receive a higher level of customer service by being given information via the voicemail announcement about how quickly the recipient can respond to their message
  4. Users can easily prioritise their response to voicemails based on the name and/or number of the caller providing better service to key customers
  5. Voicemails are presented as emails that can be played or answered directly either from your inbox or via remote telephone access

Voice Recording for specific users

As well as permanent call recording at a the trunk level, ad Hoc call recording can be initiated simply at the click of a button in which case the caller is made aware of the recording by a beep. It has already proven to be a useful training tool - an easy way to demonstrate to a newer employee how an experienced employee handles a call with a difficult customer. Mobile employees who listen to calls while out of the office can also benefit by listening to the precise details of a recorded call when they are in a position to make notes or spend time analysing the information from the call. Finally, it also enables businesses to have an indisputable record of conversations between employees and customers which is particularly important in any contractual situations.

Key benefits:

  1. Improve employee training and coaching by allowing less experienced employees/agents to learn from more experienced employees without disrupting a conversation with a prospect or customer
  2. Protect the business from false claims by callers
  3. Enable mobile employees to have detailed records of their calls so they can make more informed decisions
  4. Calls can be replayed using industry-standard media players, for example, Microsoft Windows Media Player without the need for additional expensive hardware or software
  5. Calls can be replayed using industry-standard media players, for example, Microsoft Windows Media Player without the need for additional expensive hardware or software

Hunt Groups

The RTW Hosted VoIP solution has a complete intelligent hunt group features built in, this enable the system to automatically perform the following hunt group features:

  1. Parallel defined hunt groups
  2. Sequential hunt groups
  3. Rotary hunt groups
  4. Random hunt groups

Script based call routing

This allows the creation of call routing scripts via a graphical tool enabling users to set up sophisticated call handling sequences for incoming calls. With IVR scripting, hunt groups, database access and more, the tool allows users to clearly visualise call handling scenarios in the form of a flow-chart. It is a perfect instrument for you to define your own in-house call centre with typical call distribution and call queuing options, including access to your own data bases. (this can be integrated at project rates)

Call Monitoring/Intrusion

To protect the business and support customers, managers/supervisors can silently monitor employee’s/agent’s calls and can 'whisper' advice or guidance to the employee/agent without the other party on the call being aware of what the supervisor/manager says. The supervisor/manager can also join the call and fully participate in the conversation. Note: This option is required for each user/agent to be monitored.

Conference Facilities

These options allows you to set-up and conduct both internal and external conference calls for your staff, suppliers and customers by dialling into one or more special extension numbers associated with this conference facility. Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) can be applied for additional security.

Existing numbers

All of the Existing telephone numbers will be able to be ported to the new VoIP system. This process will be managed by the RTW Hosting project management team to ensure that there is a seamless transfer for the traditional system to the new VoIP installation

Local Number Presence

You will be able to have geographic number ranges for any location in the UK; this will enable You to give the impression of having local offices in whatever region they choose.

Fax to desktop

Incoming documents are received and converted into an image file (e.g. JPEG, TIFF) and delivered to the recipient's inbox.

Key Benefits are as follows:

  1. Save time and money by sending and receiving faxes without a physical fax machine
  2. Ensure you get all your messages in one unified inbox, no matter what format they are in (fax, email, and voicemail).
  3. Optimise your current infrastructure by integrating fax to your other communications (e.g. voice, email)
  4. Centralise all your communications and contacts by linking with Microsoft Outlook so you can create a personal phonebook and send faxes using information from your contacts list.
  5. Reduce your office overheads as there is no requirement for an analogue line, a fax machine, a printer, etc.
  6. Fax-based marketing campaigns can be easily set up and sent to contacts in the business's CRM system

Management reporting

The system will allow for full customisable management reports to enable the business to quickly and easily obtain information relating to the use of the system. Reports can have the following information as well as the ability to slice and dice the information using third party reporting tools such as Crystal Reports or Cognos for example:

  1. Number of calls
  2. Length of calls
  3. Calls per user
  4. Dialled calls
  5. Received calls
  6. Missed calls
  7. Number of rings before answering
  8. User Logon and logoff details

Basic and Receptionist desk phones

RTW Hosting recommends the L420e phone for the users as well as the more advanced L660 which is aimed at senior management and any receptionists. Full specifications and other phone and headsets are covered in the attached document to this proposal. Each phone comes with a 12 month warranty.




Logging on

Each of the above phones is password protected for the individual user; this ensures that a full audit of who has logged on and logged off is possible

Voice Over

The system can be configured for individual or group answering functions, these can be as simple as “Press 1 for Sales” or can be integrated with back office systems to allow users to be automatically forwarded to the correct user, or to enter their policy number, and again be routed to the correct user within your company.

This can be tailored to the business needs of Your organisation and can be as simple or as complex as necessary.


Each user will have their own dedicated DDI as well as being part of pre determined hunt groups,  these enable customers quickly and easily to get through to the right individual as well as the right area of the business

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