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What is cloud or utility computing?

  • Basically, cloud computing involves storing your data on a server rather than in the hard drive of your own computer. It is the use of networked infrastructure software and capacity to provide resources to users in an on-demand environment. Sometimes known as utility computing, clouds provide a set of typically virtualized computers which can provide users with the ability to start and stop servers or use compute cycles only when needed, often paying only for the use of those services.

What's the difference in "on-premise","hosted", and "cloud"?

  • "On-premise" deployments typically refer to installations of software on hardware owned or leased by an end-user. Cloud computing provides an alternative for users seeking an alternative to purchasing or leasing their own hardware and facilities or committing to fixed hosting contracts. As the offering provides "cloud"-based web services, customers can very easily scale up and down their compute power as the demands on a business fluctuate.

What are our Cloud Solutions?

  • Hosted Desktop
  • Hosted Exchange
  • Mail & Mobility
  • Hosted Voice (VoIP)
  • Hosted BlackBerry
  • Hosted Applications

What are the costs?

  • The service has an ongoing monthly charge which debits your account by standing order on the 1st working day of the month, and also an initial setup fee.

It must be cheaper putting in a server and maintaining it ourselves?

  • This is not the case! Not only are the ongoing costs less than maintaining your own network in-house, but the capital costs are significantly less. Additionally, the time will come when the in-house equipment will all need upgrading. With Road To Work®, all hardware and software upgrades are included in your ongoing fee.

We have some proprietary software that we want loading, can you handle this?

  • Yes, of course. Providing it is compatible with the system, we will load it onto a server and away you Go We can confirm to you about its compatibility almost immediately.


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