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Tel: 020 3130 9460

1892 Building
47 Kingsway Place
Sans Walk
London EC1R 0LU

Tel: 020 3130 9400
Fax: 020 3130 9401

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Your Support Questions Answered

  • What is the minimum spec hardware I need?
    Once you are connected into Road To Work®, your PC turns into a "dumb terminal" and does no processing whatsoever; consequently the spec is really not important. Even a Pentium 2 would work fine providing it can access the Internet.
  • What happens to our data?
    All clients are given secure partitions on the server which are private and visible to them and only them. The same applies to email, which is provided by Microsoft Outlook and also over the mobile via ActiveSync Technology.
  • What is the lead time for us to be up and running?
    We can have you setup within 4 hours from your order form being received. The longest delay will be "re-pointing" your domain MX email records to Road To Work®. This can take as little as an hour if you have not yet registered a domain, or up to 48 hours for existing domains.
  • Are the leads I register with you protected?
    We understand in many instances, that the concept of Road To Work® is intriguing and we hear from many prospective customers quotes such as "if it works, it sounds ideal and exactly what we need". Well, if that's you, why not try it out?

    Trial accounts are active for two weeks, and we would welcome you to give it a Go

  • What support will I get?
    Full technical support is offered from the point of connecting to Road To Work®. We do not offer "user" related support or technical support outside of the platform. For example, if you are getting a bounce back on an email you are trying to send, this would be covered.

    If you wanted help with a mail merge in Word, or help connecting your laptop to a wireless hotspot at the airport, this would be outside the scope and not covered within the contract. We do however offer user support as an additional service, so if you're interested in an "all encompassing" contract, please ask for further details.
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