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Start Up Business

New business start-ups face many challenges in today’s competitive and ever changing business landscape. We can provide you with a fully hosted IT infrastructure, 100% secure and reliable so that you can get on with fulfilling your business ideas.

Our unique pricing model has proved to be a huge success in the market place, particularly given the current economic climate. This extends further to peripheral services such as supply of hardware and software, eMarketing, branding and website design through www.backbonedesign.co.uk all at very competitive rates.

Products coverd by RTW Hosting include:

  • Hosted Desktop
  • Hosted Exchange with Mail & Mobility
  • Hosted BlackBerry
  • Hosted Voice
  • Hosted Financial Applications
  • Hosted CRM applications
  • Hosted 3rd Party applications

RTW Hosting is hosted in two highly secure and robust data centres 189 miles apart from eachother with the utmost levels of physical (includes biometric testing) and network security.

Key applications are shared on a common platform in a secure way and specific applications used by clients are mounted onto dedicated servers.

Tel: 020 3130 9400

Click here for more information on our hosting solutions.

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